Required Medical Clearance

The Commissioner's Regulations mandate that all athletes must be given a physical examination prior to their participation in athletics.  The school nurse will arrange for physical examinations to be given by the school physician three times a year.  The results of the examination shall be valid for qualifying a student's participation for a period of 12 months.

Exams are given at the end of May or the beginning of June for Fall sports, and approximately two to three weeks prior to the start of the Winter and Spring seasons.  In order to for an athlete to be scheduled for a school exam, a Medical Clearance Card must be obtained, in advance, from the school nurse, completed, and returned to the Health Office in a timely manner.  In the case of Fall Sports, the Summer Evaluation Form must be completed and returned to the Health Office immediately prior to the start of Fall practice.

Private Physician Clearance

Physical exams are allowed to be completed by a primary care physician.  However, in compliance with state regulations 135.4 and 136.3, our school physician must review the results of this examination and give final approval for participation in our interscholastic athletic program.

Mandates for Private Physician Clearance

  1. The private physician must use only McGann-Mercy forms for their examination process.  A complete packet of forms for the process must be picked up from the Health Office.
  2. The private physician must conduct the examination and evaluate the athlete according to the criteria as indicated on the McGann-Mercy examination form.
  3. The parent must answer every question on the Medical Clearance Card accurately and explain all responses marked "yes."
  4. The physician must address all items listed on the examination form and initial each finding.  The form must be filled out in its entirety.
  5. The private physician must sign and stamp the examination form.
  6. All forms must be submitted directly to the school nurse who will review the forms and, if complete, send the forms to the school physician for final review and signed approval.  No faxed copies will be accepted.