Guidance Department

Contact Information

High School Counseling Center: 631-727-5900 ext.340

Junior High Counseling Center: 631-727-5900 ext.325


High School Counselors                                      Junior High Counselor

A-Mc Mr. Phil Lombardi                                                Christine Prete

Me-Z Mrs. Barbara Poerio

Mrs. Michelle Cole, Social Worker

Mrs. Donna Galvin, Guidance Secretary


Mission of the Guidance Department


The mission of the McGann-Mercy Guidance Department is to offer individual and group multiple services for all McGann-Mercy students.  Transitional services for grades 7-12 are offered and are implemented to achieve positive growth and development for each student, academically and personally.  The Guidance Department is always available to advise, guide, inspire and meet with students.  Independent thinking and accountability in planning for the future  is emphasized. 


Course Offering and Scheduling


Course selection and testing as part of college preparation activities and the college application process are important guidance functions.  College preparation courses are required for all students in order to maximize their potential and to meet challenges beyond graduation. 


Counselors will meet with students individually in the spring to discuss courses for the following year.  Courses offered during the school year are based on student selections.  However, all courses and electives in the Course Catalog are listed on a tentative basis.  Some courses may not be offered because they fail to meet the minimum enrollment requirements.


Scheduling Calendar


February- March

  • Distribution of Course Offering Catalog 
  • Counselors to meet with students to choose courses
  • Counselors will finalize course selections with students


  • Counselors to resolve scheduling conflicts with students   


  • Schedules are mailed out. Scheduling is considered Final.


Students are to notify their counselors immediately of any scheduling conflicts !