Requirements for Graduation

Written Thesis and Presentation

Each senior will be responsible for the researching and the writing of a 10-12 page paper.  This paper will show evidence of in-depth research from multiple sources and be a formal written presentation using the MLA format.   The student will  present the paper to a committee of teachers using Power Point as the venue to evaluate the public speaking component of the project.   

The written paper will count as 60% of the FINAL EXAM GRADE for English and the power point presentation will count for 40% of the FINAL EXAM GRADE for English.  

All completed research papers will be due by February of Senior Year; Power Point Presentations will be presented before a committee of teachers beginning in March or April of the senior year.   Awards for Passing with Distinction will be given to all those projects and papers receiving a 90 or higher. The average of these two tasks  will be reflected as the senior’s final  exam grade and impact the student’s overall English  average.

Students will prepare for writing research papers as part of the English curriculum beginning in their freshman year through their sophomore year.  By junior year, the English curriculum will focus directly on the topic, thesis statement, and the general outline of the paper.  Junior year, teachers will introduce students to the process of saving their work to an account labeled “Portfolio,” instruct them in the effective use of Power Point, and introduce the MLA format that will be used throughout the years. Senior year, students will discuss the paper in English class.   The Librarian will play an integral role at each level of the process.  It is suggested that all students choose a mentor with whom to work.

Credit Requirements

The following include all NYS requirements for the Advanced Regents Diploma.  

Diploma Requirements
Religion 4 credits
English 4 credits
Social Studies 4 credits
Mathematics 3 credits
Science 3 credits
Health 0.5 credit
Freshman Seminar 0.5 credit
The Arts 1 credit
Foreign Languages 3 credits
Physical Education 2 credits
Electives 4 credits


Regents Exam Schedule
Exam Name Exam Can Be Taken In:
Integrated Algebra June:  Freshman Year
Geometry June:  Freshman/Sophomore/Junior Year
Global History and Geography June:  Sophomore Year
English Regents June:  Sophomore/Junior Year
Algebra 2/Trigonometry June:  Sophomore/Junior/Senior Year
US History and Government June:  Junior Year
Foreign Language June:  After 3rd Year
Science (two Regents)

June:  After Earth Science; and/or Biology; and/or Chemistry; and/or Physics


* To be eligible to graduate with a NYS Regents Diploma, students must pass Integrated Algebra; Global History and Geography; US History and Government; English; and ONE Science Regents with a 65%.

**To be eligible to graduate with a NYS Advanced Regents Diploma, students must pass all of the Above Regents in the Exam box with a 65%.

***Students who achieve a 90% or above on all Regents Exams will receive a NYS Advanced Regents Diploma with honors.


St. Joseph’s College Courses

In cooperation with St. Joseph’s College, Patchogue, NY, students are permitted to apply for St. Joseph’s College credits.  These students must meet the requirements of St. Joseph’s as well as the requirements of MMHS to be granted these credits. 

The requirements are:

  • Students must have an 85% average in the related field;
  • The college course may not supplant any required MMHS courses needed for graduation.