The McGann-Mercy McAuley Program

Not every student can excel academically without a little guidance and support.  In many junior and high school environments, those that can't fall through the cracks.  To ensure that the students requiring such assistance have their needs recognized and addressed, McGann-Mercy has developed the McAuley Program. 


Named after the foundress of the Sisters of Mercy, Catherine McAuley, the McAuley Program combines the academic excellence for which Mercy is known with smaller class sizes, special education certified teachers and parental involvement to provide grade level instruction with accommodations and modifications as needed.


Who Can Participate in the McAuley Program?


Students participating in the McAuley Program require special services for learning needs that impact academic achievement.  They have needs in the areas of academics, communication, and/or social interaction and have been identified as being mildly or moderately disabled as stated in their Individualized Educational program (IEP).


Students with 504 accomodations are accepted based on an interview with the Director of Student Services. 


What Can One Expect of the McAuley Program?


In the McAuley Program, class size is much smaller than other classes, allowing for the incorporation of multiple interventions, such as multi-sensory lessons and the use of assisted technology, as dictated by student IEPs.  Adjustments such as pacing of instructions and adaptive curriculum may be used to address individual needs.  Students are prepared to achieve competency on all State and local mandated tests and have many opportunities for interactions with other students throughout the school.


All teachers in the McAuley Program are New York State certified in special education and have been hand selected to be part of the Program based on their professional achievements.  Their dedication and enthusiasm coupled with their professional excellence ensures all students are afforded the best educational opportunity that is appropriate for success.


Parents also play an important role in their child's academic and social success.  In addition to formal parent/teacher conferences throughout the year, teachers are encouraged to communicate directly with parents on an as-needed basis. 


The outstanding staff combined with small classes and an enriched nurturing environment makes the program and ideal place for students to learn and grow.


If you are interested in the McAuley Program, please contact the Director of Student Services, Mrs. Whelan at 631.727.5900, ext. 324.