McGann-Mercy Scholars Program


The McGann-Mercy Scholars Program is tailored to meet the needs of talented and highly motivated students in grades 7-12 who have demonstrated high academic achievement in multiple areas and seek to challenge themselves.

The depth and complexity of the curriculum exceeds the required coursework mandated by New York State.
The teachers participating in the Honors/Scholars Programs design learning experiences that encourage and support students as they work towards challenging levels at accelerated paces.

Emphasis is placed on developing student autonomy through differentiation of what students learn, how they learn, and the way in which they are able to demonstrate their learning.


To be eligible for the Scholars Program, submit the following information to the Assistant Principal:

  • A completed application for the program
  • Current report card or transcript reflecting an annual average of 90 or higher per subject
  • Two recommendations from teachers and one recommendation from an adult member of the community who has worked with the student
  • A historical record of standardized tests, including most current results

Students must also:

  • Be willing to take a foreign language sequence in Latin for three years
  • Be willing and eligible to be advanced in math and science (see Curriculum Guide on line for numerical qualifications)
  • Be willing to and eligible to take AP courses (see Curriculum Guide on line for numerical qualifications)
  • Be enrolled in all honors and AP classes when offered

*In certain circumstances an interview might be requested

Program Benefits

  • Ability to complete 5 or more Advanced Placement courses
  • Opportunity to complete one foreign language sequence and begin another
  • Engage in 5 years of sciences and mathematics
  • Scholars designation at High School Graduation


  • Maintain an annual year end average of 90 or higher in all of the 6 major subjects (math, science, English, social studies, foreign language, and religion)
  • Have no failing grade in ANY minor subject
  • Have exemplary behavior
  • Continue a successful foreign language sequence in Latin
  • Be and remain advanced in mathematics and science
  • Take only honors or AP classes when offered

Should a student not meet one or more of these criteria, he/she will no longer be eligible for the Scholars Program.