Bishop McGann-Mercy Diocesan High School

Students at McGann-Mercy High School are offered a full range of student centered learning experiences.  Content areas are approached utilizing multiple teaching styles and means of assessment.  Three educational programs enable us to address the needs of students with special needs, students in Regents education and students in accelerated programs.  Emphasis is placed on developing student autonomy through differentiation in what students learn, how they learn it, and the way in which they demonstrate their acquired knowledge.

The McAuley Program tailors the student's instructional program to address individual abilities and special needs.  This is done primarily through an inclusion classroom experience supplemented by individualized instruction and pull-out small group collaboration.

Forty-one percent of the student body participates in Honors classes at McGann-Mercy High School and benefits from its rigorous curriculum.  A student taking full advantage of our multifaceted course offerings will exceed the required graduation coursework mandated by New York State.  Teachers design learning experiences that encourage and support students as they work toward more challenging levels at accelerated paces.  In addition to Honors courses, Advanced Placement classes are offered in various subject areas.  A universal goal at McGann-Mercy is that all students are properly prepared for college studies.

The academic calendar is organized on a quarterly schedule.  A comprehensive liberal arts curriculum emphasizes a broad world-view.  In addition to offering a New York State Regents Diploma, McGann-Mercy also offers a New York State Advanced Regents Diploma and a New York State Advanced Regents Diploma with Honors for students who qualify.